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Product Overview

Compare and rent the new High Performance dedicated AMD Server from Visual Idea Network. With the new generation of AMD CPUs, codenamed Rome 2, We offers you a new product range of dedicated servers. Designed for virtualization/high performance computing and embedded in the HPE Proliant DL325 Gen10 chassis, provided by our partner HPE, stability and reliability are guaranteed. In the past, applications of this caliber required entire server farms. With the dedicated Epyc server, myLoc in cooperation with HPE enables a cost-effective solution for your projects.

The entire infrastructure is monitored 24/7 on site by our qualified personnel. Transform your infrastructure into a software-defined infrastructure and order your Dedicated AMD Epyc Server. The dedicated AMD servers are all provided for you in the ISO 27001 certified data center in Düsseldorf. This comparison should help you to find the dedicated server that is most suitable for you. Compare our dedicated AMD servers and find your personal favorite for your project.

Silicon Root of trust

The "Silicon Root of Trust" connects the HPE chips of your server with the firmware Integrated Lights Out (iLO). An unchangeable fingerprint in the iLO processor prevents your new Gen10 server from booting if the firmware does not match the fingerprint.

NVMe Hard Drives

All Dedicated AMD servers come - by default - pre-installed with NVMe hard drives. Dedicated servers with NVMes have a higher read and write speed compared to servers with SSDs.

AMD EPYC Rome Processors

Leverage your dedicated server with AMD EPYC™ 2nd generation specially made for virtualized, cloud computing environments and high-performance computing.


You automatically get access to the iLO 5 module for your new dedicated server. The most important core element of iLO is ongoing management, service alerts, reporting and the remote management to keep your business one step ahead of problems.

Service level agreement

Your dedicated Epyc server is deployed in our own ISO 27001 certified data center. The dedicated servers have 99.9% guaranteed availability as defined in the Service Level Agreements.

HPE ProLiant DL325 Server

The HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10 Server is a secure and versatile single-socket server for virtualization and I/O-intensive applications. With the dedicated Epyc server, you also get the latest iLO 5 for secure management of your AMD server.

Dedicated Server Software

With our dedicated server products, you have the choice between various Linux distributions, as well as the current Windows server versions. There is also a wide range of administrative tools available. Get an overview of the available operating systems for your dedicated server on this page.
  • Dedicated server with Debian 8.0
    Rent a dedicated server with Debian 8.0 now and rely on one of the best known and most reliable Linux distributions. Easy installation, a variety of built-in packages and hundreds of development tools are highly appreciated by users of Debian 8.0.
  • Dedicated server with CentOS 7
    The stable server system which is binary compatible with RedHat and thus offers a free alternative. Rent a dedicated server with CentOS 7 from us now!
  • Dedicated server with openSUSE 13.2
    Good documentation, ease of use and user friendliness are just some of the reasons for the Linux distribution openSUSE 13.2. We will provide your dedicated server with openSUSE 13.2 rapidly and reliably.
  • Dedicated server with Ubuntu 14.04
    Rent your dedicated server with Ubuntu 14.04. Social, democratic and open source – that’s the easiest way to describe Ubuntu. This operating system is one of the most popular Linux operating systems.
  • Dedicated with Windows Server 2016
    With the new Windows Server 2016 operating system in combination with your dedicated server, we now offer even more flexibility and security on a completely new level. Benefit from the development of your projects and better administration of the Windows Server 2016 operating system. The license fee of RM150 will only be charged as long as you have rented your server.
  • Dedicated server with Windows Server 2019
    The best and most popular server operating system in the latest version from Microsoft. Get your root server with Windows Server 2019 for only RM150 / month license costs.

Server with Proxmox

Proxmox virtual environment is an open source virtualization solution for dedicated servers. It combines KVM and OpenVZ-based virtualization, managing virtual machines, containers, storage, virtual networks and high-availability clusters is performed clearly via the central management interface. Proxmox and intuitive interface functions allow you to optimally utilize your existing resources and minimize hardware and administration costs.

The Proxmox open source solution provides you with full access to all functions, lowers costs and is safe and reliable. The migration of VMware, Microsoft or Citrix virtualization solutions on Proxmox virtual environment opens up new ways in which to manage physical, virtual or cross-platforms. Rent your dedicated server with Proxmox now and begin virtualization.

Dedicated Server Admin Panel

  • From now on you can rent our dedicated and root servers with the pre-installed server management software Plesk Obsidian. By revising the server administration and configuration by Plesk, it will be much easier to configure your server and make the desired settings.

    Because Plesk Obsidian offers an optimized and streamlined web interface design, you can view all available management and configuration options in one place and make changes with just a few mouse clicks. Plesk's Admin Panel covers many important issues, from server management to backups.

    Plesk is available in several editions that only reflect the configuration of the Plesk Panel. We offer the basic variants for our dedicated server free of charge and invite you to benefit from the easy server configuration options and administration with the help of Plesk.
  • For dedicated servers with cPanel, we offer you the cPanel and WHM software, which has been very successful on the American market, as well as a comprehensive package that includes everything you need for web hosting. WebHost Manager (WHM) is the administration interface for your dedicated server:

    With this interface, you can very simply create and manage users, as well as starting or stopping services. You can also reinstall software, check log files of the server and create hosting plans.

    The cPanel offers not only a pleasant interface to manage and upload websites. The management software can also be used to create and manage email accounts and the create backups. cPanel also provides an overview of visitor statistics.
  • A dedicated server with TekBASE is a special web interface solution which focuses centrally on game, streaming and voice servers and online shop and web server administration. An automatic billing and dunning system can also be integrated in the form of a module. TekBASE has been developing since 2005 and it followed up on the requests of customers. Thanks to the well-arranged structure of this admin tools, it is possible to combine, expand and manage all of the modules at any time.

    Thanks to the flexible extensibility of TekBASE, this administration tool is the ideal tool for clubs or Internet radio stations. The interested private user can also express his ideas with TeamSpeak rapidly and free of charge from the simple website to the game server and realize his desired projects. When purchasing the TekBASE Lite version, you can use 2 stream, game and voice servers each, as well as the content for an indefinite period. Find more information about TekBASE
  • Rent a dedicated server with ISPConfig now and take advantage of this server management software. With a dedicated server with ISPConfig, you can create and manage web pages, databases, FTP and email accounts free form all complications. In addition, the ISPConfig supports the APS package installer, which can be used to upload hundreds of applications without problems.

    With ISPConfig for your dedicated root server, you can use free PHP versions. You can also use sub-domains as a virtual host entry, which no longer need a rewrite. Now, the backup system can also secure your data. As the server Is accessed from different levels, a big advantage of dedicated servers with ISPConfig is that it is possible to distinguish requests from admins, resellers, customers and email clients.

AMD Dedicated Server Pricing

EPYC Server M

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10
16 x 3.0 GHz incl. SMT
Up to 512 GB RAM possible
2 x 450 GB NVMe SSD or 2 x 2,000 GB HDD
1,000 mbit connection
Optional 10.000 mbit connection
Monthly contract period

EPYC Server L

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10
24 x 2.8 GHz incl. SMT
Up to 512 GB RAM possible
2 x 960 GB NVMe SSD or 4 x 2,000 GB HDD
1,000 mbit connection
Optional 10.000 mbit connection
Monthly contract period

EPYC Server XL

HPE ProLiant DL325 Gen10
32 x 2.5 GHz incl. SMT
Up to 512 GB RAM possible
2 x 1,92 TB NVMe SSD or 8 x 2,000 GB HDD
10 GIGe network card (extra charge)
1.000 MBit Flat
Monthly contract period

Epyc Server M

Epyc Server L

Epyc Server XL

Server-Typepixel HPE Proliant DL20 Gen10pixel HPE Proliant DL360 Gen10pixel HPE Proliant DL380 Gen10
Processorpixel AMD EPYC 7302Ppixel AMD EPYC 7402Ppixel AMD EPYC 7502P
Performancepixel 16 x 3.0 GHz incl. SMTpixel 24 x 2.8 GHz incl. SMTpixel 32 x 2.5 GHz incl. SMT
Max. Turbo Clock Frequency pixel 3.30 Ghzpixel 3.35 GHzpixel 3.35 GHz
Memorypixel 64 GB DDR4 RAMpixel 64 GB DDR4 RAMpixel 64 GB DDR4 RAM
Hard drivespixel 2 x 2,000 GB SATA or 2 x 450 GB NVMe SSDpixel 4 x 2,000 GB SATA or 2 x 960 GB NVMe SSDpixel 8 x 2,000 GB SATA or 2 x 1.92 TB NVMe SSD
Software-RAIDpixel 0, 1pixel 0, 1pixel 0, 1
Hardware-RAID pixel optionalpixel optionalpixel optional
Possible hardware RAID Levelpixel 0, 1pixel 0, 1pixel 0, 1
Redundant power supply nopixel optionalpixel optional
Bandwidthpixel 1,000 Mbpspixel 1,000 Mbpspixel 1,000 Mbps
Full root / admin accessyesyesyes
Remote management pixel iLO 5pixel iLO 5pixel iLO 5
Bandwidth pixel 1,000 Mbpspixel 1,000 Mbpspixel 1,000 Mbps
Guaranteed bandwidthpixel 300 Mbpspixel 300 Mbpspixel 300 Mbps
Redundant connectionyesyesyes
Backbonepixel 930 Gbpspixel 930 Gbpspixel 930 Gbps
Own IPv4 addresspixel 1pixel 1pixel 1
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