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Dedicated Servers

Our dedicated servers are then used when your project needs the full resources for itself and is to be operated independently of other customers. Thus, our dedicated servers are ideal for hosting online stores with large product inventory and high traffic. Maximum performance and security are the keywords for your E-commerce project, which is realized through our dedicated servers. Increasing needs and the extensibility of hosting also relate to download and streaming portals and advertising companies. In addition, the dedicated servers are excellent for setting up your own virtual environments, e.g. on the basis of Hyper-V or KVM.


Professional, Scalable, Efficient, Dedicated Servers From Visual Idea Network.

24/7 In-House Support

An internet that doesn't sleep needs a dedicated team of technicians that are available to resolve issues within minutes of when they occur.

Our Top Data Center

Away from the performance and scalability, the dedicated server is also the ideal solution to meet data protection law requirements. The strict separation from other customers, not least through the optional use of private VLANs, as well as the central location of our data centre in Düsseldorf, meets all privacy requirements. The product variety in combination with the monthly contracts ensures that you can always stay flexible and respond to changing requirements of the market and your customers.

Connection to our 1090 GBit backbone

The fastest server and the fastest server farm would be nothing without a high-performance connection. Through our redundant 10 Gigabit Rack connection you can access your data directly in one of our core router, from where it immediately continues to our 1090 GBit external connection. Over the many years we have created our own backbone network which offers the highest bandwidth and lowest latency with 1090 GB.

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