Private Cloud Server Infrastructure

Due to our years of experience in the field of virtualization for our customers, we are pleased to present you our own private cloud solution for your business. The new VIP products are offered by Virtuozzo, in order to offer you a combination of hardware and software to seamlessly set up your own virtualization environment without any problems.

VIP stands for Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform and is a cost-effective, easy-to-manage hyper-converged infrastructure that optimizes hardware utilization, lowers total cost of ownership, and delivers high server performance and availability. Virtuozzo Infrastructure Platform provides a simple management interface for your private cloud infrastructure, combining computing, storage and networking services with advanced analysis and monitoring in a single solution.
You get your own private cloud with the flexibility of a public cloud. With Virtuozzo's simple management interface, you can conveniently and easily take and manage your virtual machines live in your private cloud environment. With this private cloud solution, you can always rely on the excellent infrastructure of your Visual Idea Network data center. In addition, you can always rely on the help of our qualified local staff for your private cloud environment.

In cooperation with you, we create the right server infrastructure for your private cloud environment. Furthermore, we provide you with the software and hardware and take care of all necessary updates and patches for your cloud solution, around the clock. You were looking for a simple private cloud solution? Then you have found the solution.

High Performance Machines

Rely on high-performance, high-availability virtual machines based on proven open source technology that are up and running and protected from server downtime.

Virtual network

The Virtual Network in your private cloud provides secure and isolated networking with VXLAN encapsulation based on distributed virtual switching technology.

Simple administration

You get your own management console for hyperconverged servers, storage and network services, so you'll always have full control in your private cloud.


Your private cloud solution is scalable like a public cloud and can be flexibly adapted to your projects at any time. The advantage: Costs remain constant.

Private Cloud Technology

Your private cloud is hosted exclusively on Hewlett Packard Enterprise servers in our ISO 27001 data center.

Cut costs

Thanks to our simple pricing structure, you can scale your private cloud flexibly at any time and still plan with fixed costs.

Virtual Private Cloud Features

Resilient Compute and Networking

High-performance and high-availability virtual machines based on proven open source technology, ready for enterprise production loads and protected from server outages.

Secure and isolated networking with VXLAN encapsulation based on distributed virtual switching technology.

Full Windows guest support for desktop and server editions with automatic installation of high performance paravirtualization drivers.

Simplified Management

Single management console for hyperconverged compute, storage and networking services.

Multi-tenant architecture that provides security and isolation between independent consumers of platform resources.

Built-in advanced analytics and monitoring with a modern alerting system and enterprise overview dashboards.

Comprehensive integration with third party systems via 100% compatible OpenStack APIs.

Fast and simple installation with no need for professional services.

Pricing Structure

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